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Petra Kolber

I loved this workout. I wasn't actually expecting to, because I think I had tried something by her quite a while ago.

The workout flows quite well, and there isn't a ton of tifting. There are two big blocks of choreography.

I enjoyed the music - it was kind of techno, but quite upbeat, so it gave some energy to the workout.

I also find that there are lots of options within the workout. For those who can't do very complex choreography, there are some simplifications. There is also the option (which I used) to add some extra impact (running up for the basics, etc.). She also did some simple power moves in between choreography blocks to get the heart rate up (they were very basic though). I found with these and adding some extra impact, I got a decent workout.

I'd classify it as a low-high moderate workout.

I found the choreography fun. After the two big blocks, there is an optional extra block of choreography you can do, or you can skip to the cooldown.

I really enjoyed the stretch at the end - I may actually use this with other workouts sometimes because it had a nice flow.

Total time clocked in at about 56 minutes.

I can say I was pleasantly surprised and will be doing this one again on days when I don't want an extreme workout.

Instructor comments: She was very friendly, upbeat and encouraging in this workout - very pleasant personality


Nov 16, 2005

I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this one because I haven't really liked any of her other step videos. The choreography is interesting without being super complex. The music is pretty good by exercise video standards and haven't heard it in any other videos. The warmup (10 minutes)has some challenging choreography that is not repeated in the body of the workout. The main workout consists of two choreography blocks with power moves inserted here and there (about 30 to 35 minutes). There is a bonus choreography block that lasts for about 5 minutes, then a cooldown and stretch (10 minutes). The stretch is wonderful.

Pros: Petra, music, choreography, modifications shown throughout, nice stretch at end

Cons: Breakdown of the choreography during the main workout is slow at times, but this would be helpful for someone trying to learn more complex step choreography.

If you are a fan of Gay Gasper, Rob Glick, Donna Read or Marcus Irwin's step routines, you might like this one. If Seasun is your cup of tea, you might not be challenged enough.

Instructor comments: Very likeable, upbeat and encouraging. Excellent cuing.


March 29, 2006

The specifics of this workout have already been given. I will just give my impressions.

The set was bright and colorful. The two exercisers and Petra were not annoying. One exerciser did advanced versions and one modified. Petra did a little of both. The music went very well with the choreography. And it was loud enough to hear and get into.

This workout was fun and easy to follow. Do not be mislead by the so called "complex choreography". This is not a complex Christi choreography. This is doable and learnable without frustration. Petra and the music added to the fun factor. She is very motivating and cued well. This workout has enough choreography to keep things interesting without it overwhelming you. No boredom here. The time will fly by without you noticing.

This DVD is chaptered well in that you even get a bonus section if you have more time to exercise.

I found that after doing the regular workout I wanted to continue and do the bonus section. I only do this if I really am enjoying the workout. All the choreography flowed really well together. There was a lot of variety that made the time just fly by. Even with me doing the bonus section.


I really enjoyed this workout. Everything flowed really smoothly. The music & Petra kept my spirits going. I will reach for this workout often. This is a keeper.

Instructor comments: Petra is very cheerful and energetic. She cues very well in this workout.



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