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Step Moves, New Grooves

Petra Kolber

This is my first and only Petra step workout. I have done the workout 5 times since I purchased the DVD last year (2007).

About me - complex choreography doesnít come naturally to me, but I find that I can usually catch on after a preview and a bit of practice. Iím able to master Cathe choreo after a couple of tries (I learned the step routines in Catheís 4 Day Split fairly easily) but I have never attempted Patrick, Season, or Christiís step. I understand that Petraís choreography is considered less advanced than those instructors, and I find sheís about the perfect level of complexity for me at this stage, as Iím just starting to experiment with more complex routines.

The workout starts off with a fairly long warm-up (about 10 minutes) and Petra does include a few moves that pop up again later in the routine. The warm-up also includes dynamic calf/leg stretches before moving on to the first combo.

There are 4 combos in total, and I think that Petra provides just the right amount of breakdown and TTIF. Personally, I need a bit of repetition to remember and master this routine. There are a lot of box steps, stomps, revolving doors and ball changes, and each combo is taught add-on style. In between combos, the standard move is usually hamstring curlsÖ I like to use this time to grab a sip of water and orient myself before starting the next block of choreo. After all the combos are taught, Petra runs through the entire routine twice. There is no weaving the combos togetherÖ they are always done first on one side, and then the other. The routine also includes a few turns, but there is a modifier that demonstrates the moves without turning. Itís almost entirely low impact and doesnít require a lot of room - it works very well in my exercise space, which is about 5íx8í.

The cool down is not my favoriteÖ as it starts at almost a standstill. Itís only for a few deep breaths, but I donít like to go straight from the cardio portion of a workout to standing still without moving my feet a bit first to get my heart rate lower. (My heart rate is never anaerobic during this workout, but I still prefer to pause the DVD for a few minutes and walk around before I start the cool-down.) I also wish there was a bit more stretching, as the ones included here arenít held long enough for my tastes.

But those are minor issues. Overall, I really like this workout! My heart rate is always solidly in the middle of my target HR zone (I consider myself high intermediate for cardio) and I really like Petraís personality and the way she puts the moves together.

Instructor comments: Petraís cueing is awesome! I only get to this workout once every 2-3 months, and Iím always able to keep up with just a few minor flubs, even though I donít remember much of the routine from one time to the next. I think she does a great job of taking standard step moves and putting them together in fun & interesting combos.

Corie (booklover)

Aug 29 2008

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