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Kathie Lee's Fit and Fabulous

Instructor: CB Yelverton

Comments about instructor: Very knowledgeable. Has a master's degree. She shows you the proper way to perform the exercises and reminds you to checkyour form throughout the tape. Very encouraging.

The tape is interval training. I had never done this beforeand found it to be a wonderful full-body workout that taxedme a little. Since I have been working out for a while thiswas a nice change. The tape works your whole body and offersmultiple levels of participation so you can go at your ownpace. There is just elevator music but it does set thetempo. The tape is produced by Kathy Lee Gifford but sheis just the hostess and one of the participants. She isalso encouraging.

Sarah Keffer

This is a good introduction to circuit training for beginner exercisers. CB Yelverton leads an all female group consisting of Kathie Lee Gifford, her sister and some friends. The group exchanges some light hearted banter throughout the routine.

There are progressively harder aerobic segments alternating with toning segments. The aerobics are low impact and easy to follow. The moves are very basic and repetitive. The upper body segments use 3 pound weights and include: lateral raises, bicep curls, overhead presses and tricep work. For the lower body there are several variations of squats and lunges. Following a brief cooldown, there is ab work and a stretch.

Novices can opt to follow a designated beginner. CB also encourages you to "make the program work for you" i.e. by not using weights or prancing in place if the aerobics become too difficult. There are no pulse checks, but you are reminded to use the talk test.

The last segment is Kathie Lee giving tips for incorporating exercise throughout your day. This is taped in Kathie's home with members of her family. I would say the target audience is women in their 30's and 40's, new or returning to exercise. If you are in this category, a fan of Kathie Lee's and want to try circuit training, this would be a good choice for you!

Instructor comments: CB is a very calm, clear instructor. She gives a lot of attention to correct form and safety. When this was taped, she was 46 years old and about to become a grandmother. She looks great!!

Denise B

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