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Pump Party

Katina Hunter

Production: Very pretty set (an asian theme & colors) with good lighting and wood floors.

Music: All up to date music mixes used throughout the workout.

Chapters: The workout has excellent chapters and bonus premixes. She lists the actual times and the body parts worked (so you'll always know what's next and how much time is involved, great for mixing & matching).

1. Warmup-7 minutes
2. Squat & Bicep Curl-(Legs/Biceps)-4 minutes
3. Scoop Chest Press (calves, chest & shoulders)-7 minutes
4. Squat Kick (legs, biceps, shoulders, forearms)-7 minutes
5. Dead Lift & Shoulder Shrug (hamsrings & trapezius)-5 minutes
6. Front Lunge & Row Kickback (legs, back, triceps)-7 minutes
7. Back Lunge & Upright Row (legs, back, biceps & shoulders)-4 minutes
8. Squat T (legs, shoulders & back)-5 minutes
9. Plie Squat & Cuban Press (legs, abductors, adductors & shoulders)-4 minutes
10. Abs & Core-6 minutes
11. Stretch-7 minutes

Bonus Premixes:

Legs, Shoulders, Abs=28 minutes
Legs, Back, Chest=18 minutes
Legs, Biceps, Triceps=18 minutes

The workout:

The warmup prepares the body for the weight work. Easy to follow, you'll steadily increase the heart rate. Rhythmic stretches are also demonstrated. Using various size weights, you'll perform many functional type movements (similar to what you'd do in everyday activity). The compound weight training utilizes both upper & lower body training at the same time, which will help increase the overall calorie burn. Katina also uses more traditional exercises such as pushups, overhead presses & curls to really focus on the muscle and increase effectiveness. (she'll go back & forth between the two types of training) Using multiple counts and tempo changes, you'll really work the muscle to its point of fatigue. The workout emphasizes muscle endurance (light weight, higher reps). You'll shape and tone your entire body in approximately 65 minutes. Katina concludes the workout with a nice long stretch. (she will also briefly stretch the muscles worked after each set)

Instructor comments: Katina's attitude is contageous! She makes working out seem fun (and the weight training less monotonous)! She'll demonstrate the moves prior to going into them so you'll know exactly what to expect. Check out clips on her website

Denise R


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