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Volume 2: Tone

Volume 2: Tone and Volume 3: Sweat

I don't have a lot more to add about this video. There is not quite as much basic instruction as in volume one, but many of the sequences are the same, and it is slightly longer. He still does the "push-up, up dog, push-up, down dog" sequence throughout the video, and does include a few poses not included in Volume one. I actually bought this video before Vol 1, and really had no trouble jumping in here. Bryan does not go into as much detail on yogic breathing in this video as he does in Volume 1. Let's see, what else is different...Bryan and the class are wearing different outfits! :). My suggestion would be, buy Volume one, but don't go out and buy the whole series of three videos, or even the second one, until you are sure you love it and want to learn some new poses. I really enjoy both videos, and I am sure I will eventually buy the third, after I feel I have mastered these. (or at least come close, as Bryan says, these poses are endless!)

Trish Ransom

I'm 30 now and I've been doing yoga for about ten + years, and I really like Kest's videos. I find volumes 2 and 3 especially challenging and unique. I sweat quite a bit with both videos and even told Bryan that I felt his videos were better than some of the Firms'! (I like the Firm, but I really hate lifting weights!!!!). Plus, his videos, I feel, have an aerobic benefit, as well, but I would use them alongside a good jog or jump rope routine. Bryan's classes are much more strenuous than the videos, but the videos offer a challenging, relaxing, and satisfying workout for those of us who are tired of the weight lifting frenzy. These videos will work to build lean muscles (along with a healthy diet and regular aerobic activity, of course) and help you discover muscles you weren't aware of. Beginners may want to check out v1 before purchasing the other two. But, if you're already familiar with hatha or ashtanga style yoga methods, jump right in to v2, but modify and go at your own pace. These videos are worth it! Note: the Autonomy video "Cardio Yoga" was also choreographed by Kest and is very similar to his own. I took this one right back to the video store b/c I like BK's so much more.

Instructor comments: I think Bryan is an outstanding instructor! I live 100+ miles away from his studio in Santa Monica, CA, and have traveled twice to take his class early on Sunday mornings. His classes generally run about 2:15. After I'd taken his class the first time, I couldn't walk normally b/c of all the incredible stretching routines he put us through! He teaches his classes similarly to his video instructrional style. He's very real;very personable; and he's a caring teacher. If someone was having difficulty, he'd tell her/him to take it easy, relax, and then he'd lay a towel over her/him and check on that person frequently. His class had over 80 people in it both of the times I went ( I think that says a lot about the teacher). You could really see that these folk were yoga fanatics, and they all looked fit, no matter what size they were. Bryan himself is very lean and sinewy, an inspiring example of what yoga can do for physical fitness. As a video, BK is very cool, up front, respectful, and calm. I like him!


This video is much like vol 1, with most of the same poses, but it is done at a faster pace, and the lunging poses are held longer. (Feel the burn in those hips!) The "lying on your stomach, bend your knees, reach back and grab your ankles and left your upper torso off the floor" poses are very challenging. This is the Power Yoga tape I do most often these days. Unlike other folks, I don't combine this with any other tape, becuase I feel it is more than enough workout all by itself.

Renee Drellishak

I really like Power Yoga 1 much better than this video as I felt it had more poses; however, I did this video for the first time on a Monday and my lower body hurt from that day all through to Thursday!! I thought with the Firm I was in good shape, but obviously not as well as I thought.

Tape 2 has many more lunging poses than tape 1 and there is no yoga stomach move that I could recall. It is about 50 minutes long and it is 50 minutes of hard work! Out of all the yoga tapes I have Bryan is my favorite series so far. I'd give this tape an A+.

Instructor comments: Again Mr. Yummy Pants is pretty thorough in his instruction, although less so than in the first video. I know some people find his touching of student annoying, but quite honestly I didn't notice until it was brought up.

Stephanie Bridges

This is my favorite yoga tape ever! It is challenging but do-able. I find the different level students to be one of the best motivators of all. I can see someone at my level and then see where I can go with practise. When the workout is over, I feel the different muscles that have been worked. I use this in my monthly rotation still and I've had it for about 2.5 years now. It is tough and if you have never done yoga before be patient - you will improve. Brian is excellent with his instruction and encouragement.

Instructor comments: Very likeable, good form, excellent instruction, very patient and his looks don't hurt either!

Cinnamon Conrad
September 23, 1998

This is not a beginner tape! It is very strenuous. In my opinion, you need to be very strong and very, very flexible to do this video. I absolutely killed my back doing this tape and I tried my best to follow proper form. Anyone who says they can do this tape all the way through after only taking yoga for a short time must be gumby!

Instructor comments: Bryan Kest seems like a very good instructor. He explains everything well and encourages you to go at your own pace and breath.

Barb Price

I've taken up the art of yoga for six months now and for whatever reason jumped straight into the second video. It took me quite a while to learn the breathing motions but eventually got the drift of things. Being a soccer player my entire life and even now in college, yoga has not only helped with my flexibility and physical well being, but it has improved my mental focus and acuity. I've come a long away from when i first began practicing yoga and am continuing to improve in all aspects of myself and my life. Yoga has proven to be the key to my mental and physical well being and it even extends far beyond these simple notions. Bryan Kest has shown me the key to unlocking my body potential. I go to school in Mass, but I live in the San Fernando Valley and I look forward to taking some classes with Kest upon my return home. Thanks Brian.. your the man!!

Instructor comments: absolutely amazing. keeps you inspired the entire session and motivated.

brian angelini

This tape is really great. My two favorite Power Yoga video's are Baron Baptiste's Level 2 and Bryan Kest's Level 2. I bought both at the same time so I can't help compare. Bryan gives more philosophy and is more creative and Baron leads with more focus on form & energy. Both are amazing, authentic & inspiring! Power Yoga has really changed my body and mind, yet I'm not a new-ager. I did'nt like Yoga Journals Power Yoga video as much (Rodney Yee). I also just got Baron's Power & Precision Video a

Instructor comments: I enjoy Bryan. He does not give a lot of technique or alignment but he has a lot of heart and soul, and he will motivate yo

Joan White


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