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Workout II

This video starts without warm-up or stretches. Our aerobics group felt legs strains for a few days afterwards. We liked the split screen - Cynthia doing low impacts and Cynthia doing the same routine using a step (it was like getting two tapes in one). Our group also felt the video was too long (60 minutes). I wrote to Cynthia asking her if we could exchange this one with another tape she has called 'Workout I' (which is 45 mins in length). I have not received any correspondence from her yet. Has anyone else veiwed her tapes?

Nancy Clarkson
10/14/97 This video is GREAT! Its picture insert allows the exerciser to choose between high or low impact aerobics. You can feel the burn or tone. The routines are varied and never boring. The length of time for each segment (cardio-vascular / abs / etc.) is appropriate. The workout on this video is physically sound, inspiring, and entertaining. I rate it an A+. Cynthia does a great job!!!

Instructor comments: Cynthia's videos and "Everyday Workout" (please contact Lifetime TV and ask that the show is reinstated) are fundamentally sound. Cynthia varies her routine and has informative material throughout. Her workouts are never boring and within a week the results will show! Cynthia is energetic and cheerful without being "fakey" like other exercise instructors.

Drue Haarsager

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