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Keiser's Race and Pace

Kris Kory, Tracy Schotanus, Chandra Jones

The total workout length is 45 minutes and can be used by any fitness level and you can increase intensity as you get stronger. The workout is set up in a class setup with about 8 riders. There is a lengthy bike safety and setup section at the end of the video and much if it relates specifically to the Keiser spinning bike but also has good tips for seat height and different riding positions that should be watched especially if you're new to spinning. This video consists of the following sections:

Song 1: Warm-up (5 min) Stretches for upper body and neck while warming up the legs...even some standing sections are introduced to really warm you up!

Song 2: Speed Bursts (5 min) There are 4 sets of 30 second speed drills at a higher resistance alternated with recovery periods at a lower reistance.

Song 3: Speed Play (5 min) A lot of standing work in this section where you gradually increase resistance and speed. Some speedwork at lower resistance is introduced to simulate going downhill and they even do full body leans simulating rounding curves.

Song 4: Pyramid Climb (10 min) Interval work alternating speedwork at higher resistance with recovery periods at lighter resistance. Some sets are done while standing in the saddle.

Song 5: Muscle Recruitment (5 min) This section increases the resistance and focuses on different muscle groups of the legs...the quads, hamstrings, and glutes and also focuses on each leg seperately.

Song 6: Long Hill Sprint (5 min) This sections simulates going up a long hill slowly increasing resistance and speed. They focus on rhythm, breathing, and transferring weight from side to side (while standing).

Song 7: Race Simulation (5 min) This section is lead by Kris Kory who stands in front of the class and does 20 second timed drills and calls out cues for the class to follow. These include sprints done while standing, climbing by increasing resistance done seated and standing, speedwork (decreasing resistance), and visualization of being in a race crossing the finish line.

Song 8: Final Stretch (5 min) Stretches done for the upper body for shoulders, neck, back, and chest while slowly pedaling to reduce heart rate...then leg stretches showing options while seated on bike or standing next to it. This workout is a very tough cardio workout especially if all the standing sequences are done. I highly recommend it if you want to spice up your exercise time on your stationary bike and especially if you are already spinning with Johnny G videos!

Instructor comments: The three instructors rotate throughout the workout which makes for great variety and interaction throughout the class. They are all very concerned about good form and hydration and encourage riders to ride according to their fitness level and how they are feeling.

Cheryl Shakespeare

Keiser's Race and Pace

I ho-humly accepted this video as part of an exchange. It had a lot of things going against it: 1) I have taken lots of healthclub spinning classes and have routinely become achingly bored in every single class; and 2) I didn't read much about this video aside from Cheryl Shakespeare's fine breakdown of it, so that made me wonder about it. Still, my husband has a spin-type bike and this was one of the few spinning videos out there. I thought, "What the heck?" and went for the exchange. If I didn't use Keiser's Race and Pace, at least my husband could get some use out it.

Well, surprise! Keiser's Race and Pace has turned out to be one of my favorite workout videos out of an embarassingly huge collection. That just goes to show you the power of the exchange.

Cheryl already broke this video down very well, so I have nothing to add except my impressions. I have only Johnny G's II video to compare this with, which I got on exchange at the same time I got Keiser's Race & Pace. Frankly, I found Johnny G's video very unappealing. I guess I just don't like over-the-top inspirational talk and theatrical gesturing while I'm spinning. I'm more of a Midwestern meat-and-potatoes spin girl. Just give me my intervals, please!

Keiser's Race and Pace does just that. It reminds me of a conventional spin class with straightforward timed intervals. Having three separate instructors take you through various intervals makes the workout interesting. All three instructors -- Tracy, Chandra, and Kris -- are appealing and do motiviate you to give each interval your most, but without dramatic oratory. The workout just flies by! I couldn't believe I finally found a spinning workout interesting! .... The entire class is dripping at the end of the workout, and so am I. (During this 45-minute workout, my husband refilled my water bottle twice and once stopped to mop my dripping, smiling face with a towel, looking at the TV screen in amazement.)

This video works me as hard -- if not harder -- than Cathe Friedrich, and you know that that's saying a lot. You definitely need to have a huge water bottle and towel on hand for this workout. Best of all, there's no impact. Can't beat it! Highly recommended to other meat-and-potato spinners.

OTHER NOTES: Good production value. Low-key soundtrack in the background. Can't recall the songs, but it's the stuff you usually hear on CIA and other workout videos.

Michelle Easton
October 1, 2000

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