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Keiser's Power Pace and Shape

Kris Kory

The total workout length is 55 minutes long and can be used by any fitness level and you can increase the intensity of the workout as you get stronger. The workout is set up in a class setup with about 8 riders. There is a lengthy bike safety and setup section at the end of the video, and while much of it relates specifically to the setup of the Keiser spinning also has a lot of useful information for any bike...such as proper seat height as well as different riding positions used in the workout. This section should be viewed especially if you're new to spinning. The video consists of the following sections:

Song 1: Warm-up (5 min) Stretches for the upper body and neck while warming up the legs on the bicycle.

Song 2: Speed Bursts (5 min) 30 second speed drills alternating between higher resistance and recovery periods at lighter resistance.

Song 3: Lead Leg Training (5 min) Focuses on each leg seperately during seated and standing drills.

Song 4: Hill Sprints (5 min) These consist of 4 sets of sprints which include 20 seconds climbing, 20 seconds standing, 20 seconds speedwork.

Song 5: Muscle Recruitment (5 min) This section increases the resistance on the bike and focus on different muscle groups of the legs...quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

Song 6: Rhythmic Training (5 min) Combination patterns with increased resistance with a lot of work done standing in the saddle.

Song 7: Pyramid Climb (5 min) Speedwork intervals with recovery periods done standing! Very tough

Song 8: Upper Body (5 min) Upper body work is done while seated on the bike. Bicep curls and military presses are done while pedaling at a low resistance. Then you stop pedaling and do the rest of the upper body pulls, tricep kickbacks, side laterals, variations of push-ups on the handlebars. They are using light weights and there aren't enough repetitions of each exercise or enough weight being used to be really useful as a strength training workout. Push-ups on the floor would be much more effective than done on the bike handlebars.

Song 9: Cool down/Stretch (5 min) Stretches with options shown standing on floor next to bike or done on the bike (by putting leg up on the handlebars to stretch hamstrings for example)

Song 10: Abwork and Final Stretch (10 min) Basic abwork (crunches, oblique crunches) with special attention to form.

This is a great cardio workout and if you are looking for a way to spice up exercise time on your home stationary bike...I highly recommend this one! It is a very tough and intense workout if done at full intensity with all the standing sequences and will provide great variety for those of you who are already spinning with Johnny G videos!

Instructor comments: Kris Kory is an upbeat instructor who cues very well and is always concerned about hydration and makes recommendations throughout the workout according to each individual's own fitness level and how you're feeling as you do the workout.

Cheryl Shakespeare

Cheryl has already given a great breakdown of the workout, so I'll just add my opinion. I agree with her that this would be a great cycling workout to alternate with Johnny G's spinning videos. I feel the cardio portion of this workout is more organized than Johnny G's and more in line with the type of workout structure you'll find on a good video, and Kris is a very likeable instructor, but I'll admit it doesn't pack the same psychological punch as Johnny does.

I wasn't that keen on the toning segments--I'd prefer to do my weight work off the bike.

Wendy Niemi Kremer

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