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Perfectly Fit Arms with Claudia Schiffer

The 'Arms' tape is my favourite [in the Perfectly Fit series]. There is a lot of tricep work with bent-arm chair dips, two different kinds of tricep extensions, and four sets of push ups. I'm a little peeved at the way Claud goes a bit too fast with some of the sets, especially bicep curls. I've been using it about three times a week for three months and I'm (just!) starting to get Angela Basset-arms. Just gotta lose that fat over the top with cardio... Claud's arms aren't really very inspirational or aspirational- at one point during triceps extensions Kathy tells her "That looks great, I can really see you definition" and this never fails to provide me with a laugh. There is no advice given on what size weights to use for beginners, I started with piddling 2 pounders because I was such a weakling when I started, and I really felt it. I'm now up to using 5 pounders.

Emily H.

This upper body workout is very thorough, covering all the arm, shoulder, chest, and back muscles. You do three sets of everything, except for pushups you do four sets. You do either 10 or 15 repetitions, depending on the exercise. I found it a decent workout, just not all that exciting. It really has nothing to offer that I don't already have in my library, with more dynamic instructors. So, although it's a well-rounded workout, with good instructional and form tips, I won't be keeping it. Grade B.

Instructor comments: Kathy is a fitness professional, and Claudia is a model. Both are okay -- there's nothing particularly outstanding or negative about either of them.

Annie S.

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