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Perfectly Fit Abs and Legs

I rented the Abs and Legs videos. Each time I rent, I watch the tape through once, then I do it later. About the videos... The setting is gorgeous: Prague rooftops, some place in the Caribbean. I like that sort of thing. It's very MTV. I have several problems with the two videos I did. The audio is annoying because sometimes you have three things going at once: the music, the counting, and the explanations of proper form. The BIG problem I had may actually be a plus for some. Kathy Kaehler has Claudia do the same thing over and over and over. The high reps were physically OK with me on the ab exercises because my stomach is in better shape than my legs, but there is very little variety, and it gets BORING. For example, after doing 16 leg lifts with your foot flexed, you'll do 16 pulses of the same leg lift, then you'll do 16 leg lifts with your leg flexed, then 16 alternating flexed foot and pointed foot. There's a fine line between going for the burn and utter boredom, and KK crosse it. I also had a terrible leg cramp in the middle and had to stop the tape, which has never happened to me before. In the ab tape, the same sort of things happen. At one point, KK's voice says, in it's sexy way, "You just did 180 crunches." So in general, I don't recommend these tapes. I think someone sais "more could be done in less time," and I agree. If you want the scenery, get that Karen Voigt tape with Elle McPherson in Hawaii. It's much, much better. I think these "Perfectly Fit" tapes are better for guys with crushes on Claudia!

Instructor comments:

Claudia Schiffer is obviously a "puppet instructor". She doesn't do any of the talking, but she does the moves pretty well. I've read on this site that she didn't work out before doing these videos, but she obviously made a real commitment to the project. She's nice scenery, but not especially motivating.

Kathy Kaehler is the real designer of the exercises. She's sort of off in the background, floating past every now and again, talking about form. She has this very sexy voice that almost puts me to sleep. When she's counting "1, 2, 3...", it's very hypnotic, but not at all motivating.

Abby N

A decent ab workout lasting 19 minutes with Kathy Kaehler giving instruction to Claudia Schiffer. It works every part of the abs with lots of repetition and continuous counting by Kathy. If you can get past the monotony of the counting and keep going when you see the seconds on the screen, it is pretty good. There is a power segment at the end that just keeps going with three sets of different moves. I felt I got a good ab workout with this tape, and if you like basic moves, it's an excellent workout.

MaryAnn Parker

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