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Kathy Kaehler Basics - Workout Class

Kathy Kaehler

After reading horrible reviews of this workout, I tried to cancel my pre-order. Well, that didn't work, so I decided that since it only cost about $10 it wasn't worth sending back for a refund. I tried it last night expecting to be bored out of my mind, but it wasn't really THAT bad. Yes, her cuing is a bit late in some spots...and yes, there are a few spot where she is off beat with the music. Also, I thought it was odd that the music had pauses between songs. Usually in cardio fitness classes/ workout videos, the music is a continuous mix where one song blends into the next. (There were no vocals in the music...just techno-y beats) But, the moves are basic and easy to follow so I did not have a problem. I disagree with collage that this is inter/adv. I'd say it's more low to mid intermediate. I used my tae bo balls throughout the cardio, and added some high-impact and jumping jacks in some places to keep my HR up. Did I love this wokout? No...there is definitely room for improvement. Did I get a good workout from it? I'd say it was a "moderate" level workout...not as hard as Gin's Simply Step...but then the cardio component in Kathy's is only 30 min. The production quality was not the greatest, but I have to admit that for $10 I wasn't expecting a whole lot. I like a lot of variety when I work out, so this will be good for those days when I need a break from Cathe-type intensity and am limited on time. I will use it again, but not regularly.

Sorry, I didn't do the strenght training segment so I can't comment on that!

Instructor comments: I really liked her a lot. She has a very down to earth personality . Not a lot of "hooting & hollering", but not boring either. She comes across as friendly and personable.


I liked the Kathy Kaehler step workout, on first try. I think it fills a very specific need which is great for me. It is one of the most basic step routines I've ever seen. Maybe Kathy Smith Step Workout and Gilad Step might be more basic. For comparison, Cathe's Basic Step is complex compared to this.

The workout starts out, strangely enough, with a stretch done to ballet piano music. It's rather odd. You do some side stretches and then a t-stand, incorporating balance. While I actually did enjoy it, I thought it was unusual. The real warm up starts after this section.

In the first 15 minute (horizontal) step section, the moves are all very repetitive. She doesn't actually build a combination until the second 15 minute step section (vertical step). I used an 8" step for most of the step and got a decent sweat going. This is mostly what I'd hoped it would be: very basic step which I can modify to make more challenging by using a higher step, and/or using weighted gloves or light weights, and I think it can be used for all of these. One drawback of the workout is that I think the bpm is too fast to substitute the Bosu for the step. I'd have to try it to be certain. Throughout the workout, Kathy uses a lot of big, strong and deliberate arm movements a la Karen Voight to help get the heartrate up. No arm flailing- she asks you to really control your arm movements to use more muscle. Most of the horizontal workout consists of your regular step up, step down, side-step up and down each leg (concentrating on a semi-squat on the down step), v-step, step on the corners, corners with a knee-up, repeaters. The vertical step section consists of over the top, knee-ups, repeater, walk three-forward and -back with 2 jumping jacks. She does slowly build a combo in this section.

After the stepping workout, there is a 10 minute floorwork section where you lie on your side and do hydrant and one other variation. There is maybe 24 reps total on each side, not much. There is a set of push ups in between each leg set.
I didn't do the stretch.

Overall, I really enjoyed this workout. It is a total brain-vacation-just-sweat type of workout if you use challenging modifications to enhance it. I do think doing it on a 6" step with no weights or gloves would be too easy, but if you use your imagination a bit in terms of equipment, it is perfect for those days when I just don't want to think and I just want to sweat.

Instructor comments: I really like Kathy's personality, and I am so happy that she decided to put out some more workouts finally. Her Target and Tone was a favorite of mine as a beginner exerciser.
In this workout, she seems a little bit self-conscious at times, but not in a bad way at all or in any way that deters from the workout. Also, she sweats and she is breathing hard throughout the workout intermittently. This is notable to me only because so many of the video instructors talk right through tough cardio without any noticeable heavy breathing so it is worth mentioning.

K Weller


I personally really like this video, but bear in mind that I'm a beginner and this was my very first exercise video. After my daughter was born I wanted some type of indoor exercise to get in shape through the winter. When I first started this video I could barely make it through the first half without any height on my step, now I'm up to an eight inch step and loving it. This was a great introduction to step, not too complicated, but gets you off the couch and moving. Most of the moves are very simple and her cues worked fine for me I had it down pretty good after 3 to 4 sessions. I dropped 12 pounds in the first month without any diet changes-it seemed to give my metabolism a huge boost-and can now fit into all my prepregnancy clothes. I plan on trying some dance tapes next to save myself from getting too bored with this dvd. Note of caution-make sure to control your arm movements, I got a little tired and let them flail once and injured my shoulder-it took weeks to heal.

Instructor comments: She's cheerful and upbeat, but in a mellow way, not obnoxious (thankfully). She kept me motivated.


April 7,2005

This was a Ross find and I loved it. Simple basic step to sweat to without thinking. She does basics, alternating tap to sides, alternating knees, straddles, V steps, over the tops. But she does arm movements continually. I loved that she used left lead about half the time instead of only right. I loved that she had the step both horizontally and vertically. She also has a water break planned into the workout.

The warm up is mostly stretching. The cooldown has nice violin music.

They are background exercisers who say almost nothing. Room is big with two windows.

If she made another step workout, I'd buy it.

Instructor comments: Kathy looked like she was working at it but enjoying it. Not a lot of chit chat.



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