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Power Shaping II

Victoria's Power Shaping II video is the only thing that has enabled me to change the shape of my body. I lost the weight but still didn't like to way I looked. With Power Shaping II Victoria teaches you how to change the shape you body and create that hourglass figure. I may not have it yet... but I'm on my way.

Instructor comments: Victoria is the most motivating instructor that I have ever met. Her motivatoinal style is the only way that I have been able to lose weight and keep it off. She knows what it is like to be overweight and unhappy with yourself inspires you to reach your goals whatever they are!

Angel Spirit

This video, about 45 minutes long (in contrast to the 30 minutes advertised) is a body shaping workout. There is a thorough warmup and cooldown, and beginning and 'intermediate' weight and cardio sections. The workout is definitely designed for the beginning exerciser, or for someone new to any type of weight training. Intermediate and advanced exercisers may not dig this one, especially since she uses weights of about 2 lbs. I used 5 lb weights, and I wouldnt' go any heavier, in order not to sacrifice form. I'm more of a Cathe fan-I like to feel like I'm working really hard when I do a weight routine.
She does a a couple of circuits consisting of rhythmic movement preceded by short cardio sections (sort of FIRM-like, but a more dancy and fun). They also didn't get my heart rate up, but again, this is a beginner workout.
Some caveats: She seems to do a lot of lat work-and not really a lot of chest exercises. Victoria also does a lot of upright rows. Upright rows are contraindicated and can put quite a bit of stress on the rotator cuff and can lead to injury. The music and workout clothing is definitely a bit dated, but still a solid routine for the beginner that offers opportunities for growth. The DVD is chaptered so you can just do whatever sections you'd like. Also, Victoria gives modifications and you can do the routine sans weights.

Instructor comments: Encouraging and motivating-particularly for the beginner exerciser. Gives a lot of form pointers and cues.


January 6, 2005

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