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Facts/Comments about Victoria Johnson

  • star of "Victoria's Body Shoppe" on the Prime Sports Network

NOTE: Victoria has her own Web site with more information about her and about her videos.

Victoria Johnson is a very charismatic instructor with plenty of sass - too bad her videos don't do her a bit of justice. Fuzzy EP tape, boring boom-boom music and lousy production quality (the exercisers' steps don't even match) drag these down. Victoria deserves better than this crapola.
Grade: D

Sue Bryant

Victoria is very motivating--except that she constantly babbles during the workout about attitude, lifestyle changes, etc. in fact so much that you wonder if this is a workout tape or an advice-giving one.

Tracy Szram

Victoria has lost and kept off 60 pounds. She has very muscular arms, and if funky moves can be graceful, well, she's graceful! She talks about fitness, staying motivated, adapting your workout, etc. as you work out with her. Sometimes, though, that can be distracting, since she's so busy talking she doesn't get on with the routine. Her style as shown in Cardio Soul is geared more toward new or beginning exercisers.

Melissa Cooper

I bought Victoria's new book Body Revival and loved it, I looked her up on the web and found this site! Despite the other reviews, I purchased her Diamond Collection and it is AWESOME! I have already lost 10 pounds and am on the way down. The tapes I got are great, and are just what I was looking for to inspire me and get me going on my weight loss program!



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