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Spinning II with Johnny G

I have had this video for a while but just now decided to try it, I was totally amazed at the workout you get in 45 minutes! This has to be the toughest workout I have ever done, I thought Intense Moves was hard til I did this tape. You start out with little or no tension on the bike and peddle very very fast, then you do little sprints where you sit and stand then you stand and peddle for 6 mintues, Johnny calls this running. I can't even do it for 1 full minute at a time so I am constantly taking breaks. After that you sit and peddle for a while and then you do more sprints where you alternate sitting with standing for just a few seconds at a time. Then you set the tension to a very hard setting and stay there for a few minutes and then you stand, he calls this walking, and you stay there for a few minutes. Then you are back to no tension and going full force, very intense. He is in front of a group of people and he even has a 70+ man in there working just as hard as everyone else, very inspiring. This is a 45 minute workout, very intense and challenging and I used the speedometer on my bike and I was even going 25 - 26 mph when there was no tension on the bike and I've never done that before. I also went 16 miles and burned 650 calories in only 45 minutes. This is one tape that will be in my weekly rotation. I actually felt so full of energy when I got done and I thought I'd be wiped out. Great Tape!!!!

Instructor comments: I think Johnny is a very caring instructor, he really motivates you to keep going and do it for yourself. He constantly makes comments throughout the video to make you feel good about yourself like perservere and do your best so you can be the fittest, healthiest person you can be.

Dawn Henson

I agree with another VF reader who once said that when you see Johnny G teach, you understand how a single personality can drive an entire fitness fad! He's one of a kind.

I recently bought a trainer for my road bike and thoughth I'd give spinning a whirl. This video was actually my first experience with spinning--probably not the best place to start, but I'm a total convert. I won't repeat Dawn's great description, but will add my own thoughts.

Besides Johnny G's great imagery and sincere encouragement, I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed being able to do portions of the workout with my eyes closed. That's not something you can try while running or stepping, that's for sure! It was relaxing and energizing all at once.

After I finish this video I have this incredible sense of accomplishment, and I know I've had a productive workout. I suspect this is due in part to the workout's intensity, in part to Johnny G's coaching.

I've been told that spinning is difficult to do on a "regular" stationary bike, so unless you have either a bike+trainer or a spinning bike, you might consider whether you can really "stand up" on your stationary bike before you buy the video.

Wendy Niemi Kremer

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