Video Fitness

Johnny G. Spin and Sculpt

Josh Taylor

This is a very fun little 40 minute workout. It contains a 25 minute climb -a lot of this is seated work.

The warmup (flat) lasted a wee bit too long for my taste, but the climb was *hard*.

I'd give it a B, overall, because the routine wasn't overly exciting, and while the music (instrumental) was nice, the motivation-speaking was driving me crazy. I realize of course that a lot of people enjoy the motivation speaking.

My idea of a good spinning class is one that has sprints, hills (seated and standing), jogs, and jumps all in the same workout! I've had that in live classes, and still prefer it that way.

I love the bike, and will do these workouts again - but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them if I didn't have the bike.

Instructor comments: A spinning enthusiast. Very fit, and works hard at motivating the audience. He does alot of "motivation" speak.



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