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Crunch: Supercharged Kickbox Party

Jeanette Jenkins

I've done just about all the Crunch videos, and this is the best and most intense so far of the more recent ones. I also think Jeannette Jenkins of Hollywood Trainer fame is at her best here!

Jeannette is backed up by the typical "Crunch girls" - whooping, hamming it up and "stylin'" -- but none of the costumes here were as atrocious as in some other Crunch videos. There is one guy -- the same tall guy who was in her HT kickboxing workout. It was nice to see him.

There are three 10-minute combos that Jeannette cues quite well. One combo includes some danciness -- that sort of "twirl your hip and rotate 360 degrees" move that I've seen in a lot of dance workouts from Prevention or Dance Off the Inches. It fits into a combination that also includes jack and jab, front kicks, double jabs and side punches.

Another combo has high punch, low punch to either side, jab-jab-jab, elbow strike and roundhouse. One combo includes an option for a jumping front kick.

Music is typical Dynamix. The cooldown of mambo cha cha chas has the same music as the last combo of Janis Saffell's Hardcore KB Circuit.

Set is a Crunch-style "basement boxing ring."

I felt I got a solid intermediate workout -- and it was quite fun!!

Instructor comments: She's as bubbly as ever but somehow she seemed more professional to me here than in her HT videos. I think it's because she doesn't go off too much on random comments or random giggling. She'll tell you to "shake that thang" and "own it!" and "touch yo'self!" but all in the context of cuing and motivating. Her cuing is very good!



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