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The Hollywood Trainer: Butt & Thigh Blast

Jeanette Jenkins

This workout is part of the 7-disk Hollywood Trainer set. It is a 20-minute lower body routine that is focused on standing and floor “butt” work (the thigh is worked peripherally but is not the focus).

Jeanette is a pleasant and enthusiastic instructor. She works with a small class of two students, none of whom show any modifications. I was a little disappointed with this---some of the moves were quite challenging from a balance standpoint, and I would have liked to see her at least suggest a balance dowel.

There is no warm-up; following a few words of greeting, Jeanette dives write into the standing work, which includes squats, reverse lunges and a series of leg extensions and variations. She holds some of them for an isometric balance move, and generally works one leg at a time. These are all standard exercises, so it pretty much comes down to Jeanette’s personality here. That worked for me, but I would not suggest going into this lukewarm about Jeanette and expecting her to win you over.

A floor section of roughly equal length follows, and again, includes the standard bridges, extensions and kicks. The workout then concludes with a few half-hearted stretches.

Overall, I’d say I am pleased with this routine. I could have lived with better warm-ups and cool-downs, and I did need to modify with a dowel for balance during the standing work. And I think that if this workout had been too much longer, I might be complaining it’s dull. But for what it is, a short little add-on tape, it was quite nice and I am happy to have it.



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