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Barry's Bootcamp Code Red

Barry Jay and Cindy Whitmarsh

Barry says somewhere that this w/o is best used added on to one of the fat blaster workouts to really get the results (or something similiar). The w/o is total body so Ive been using it w/ his 1,000 calorie workout alternating w/ cardio days inbetween.

It is about 15 minutes of 1 min exercises w/ a 30 second rest inbetween sets. The rest is used to set up for the next move/ put your bands or ball away. They use the transformer and tubing for some of the exercises. Some of the exercises include crab walk w/ tubing, burpees (blow-outs), push-ups, biceps, mountain climbers, etc. It alternated between cardio and strength moves. It was a tad tougher than the fat blaster w/o's.

It is very similair to the fat blaster workouts except that it is total body. Someone named Natalie Ratano (sp?) is featured and they keep talking about walking down the red carpet and people commenting on your butts. I could have lived w/out those comments as I dont walk down the red carpet all that often . I did burn a good amount of calories for such a short workout.

Instructor comments: Cindy is very helpful w/ form points and her cueing is good. Barry is there for motivation and to keep it fun. Natalie (not leading) doesnt add anything to the workout.



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