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Barry's Bootcamp Belly Blaster

Barry Jay and Cindy Whitmarsh

This 15 minute ab workout was fun and challenging. Similar in format to the other workouts in the FatBlaster set. Each exercise lasts one minute. Only a beginner modificaiton is shown-maybe we are already doing the advanced move? It says its 10 of Barry's favorite exercises. I don't think there is a full 30 second rest in between each exercise.

Some of the moves are standing-torso twists w/ the band, side bends w/ the band. Some are on the ball-full sit ups using the band. Some are on the floor-bycicle holding the transfomer ball over your head. The moves were different than the moves in the other 2 ab workouts. I found them unique and fun (still challenging of course!)

The sound (volume) in this and the 1,000 calorie workout is lower than in the Fat Blaster set. I have a 13 inch TV and it is almost too low. I dont think anyone w/ a regular TV would have sound issues but I was a bit dissapointed.

Instructor comments: Cindy leads the workout with Barry walking around for motivation.



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