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Sarina Jain

I recently purchased volumes 1,2,and 3 of the Masala Bhangra Workout. These are my impressions of Volume 3.

The workout begins with a short warm-up and stretch. As in volume 2, Sarina has you do a few Bhangra moves that are not taught until the break-down. I just don't get that.

Onto the break-down of moves. Once again, as in the other volumes, Sarina explains the moves as you do them along with her she does not really "teach" them. Sarina does all or nearly all of the movements half-time and then full-time starting with the feet and then adding shoulders and arms. I found the movements in this volume to be more complicated than in the other two volumes but doable after a bunch of practice sessions. In between learning new moves you do basics (heel touches with fast shoulder shrugs)

Then onto the "Masala Bhangra Jam" where you put the combinations together. First you do the moves with basics in between and Sarina cuing and encouraging you. Then you do all the moves in a continuous workout with cuing but no basics (Yeah!!!!)

Then a short cool down/stretch followed by a short performance by Sarina's live percussion duo that played along with the class.

What I liked about the video: I liked Sarina's sense of fun and excitement about the workout. I liked the live music. I loved the high energy of Sarina's students. I enjoyed learning the Bhangra moves she chose to teach (some were the same as volume 1 and 2 with a few style changes but there were a number of new moves as well.) Finally, I love having the DVD so I can skip to the "jam" section and replay it several times to have more of a workout.

What could have been improved: As I stated in my review of volume 2, I would have preferred that Sarina grouped the moves into combos and drilled them more. Also, some of the movements are high impact(such as the vertical jumps and squats near the end of the workout)...people with bad knees should be very careful. Finally, the no shoes thing is rather disturbing considering the impact level.

I would give this workout a "B". I'm definitely glad I bought it.

Instructor comments: Sarina is very upbeat and fun. Her enthusiasm is infectious. She also is a very good cuer. She does say "hup" and "awesome" a lot which may bother some people.

Barb Price

December 18, 2003

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