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Sarina Jain

I was tired of doing the same old workouts all the time so I decided I wanted to do more of a dance-style workout. With this in mind I bought the Masala Bhangra Workout DVD's Volumes 1,2, and 3.

Here is a brief run-down of Volume 2.

The workout begins with a short warm-up and stretch. One of the things that I found strange about this part was that Sarina used a few moves in the warm-up that were not taught until the introduction to the moves part. (Huh?)

Then into the introduction to moves part where she shows you the Bhangra steps you will be putting together later. Usually Sarina does the feet fist then adds the shoulders and arms. She doesn't actually "teach" the moves but she usually does them enough times that you pick them up. In between each new move, she has you do "basics" (heel touches with fast shoulder shrugs)

After the intro part you then do a 20 minute "Masala Bhangra Jam". This means you do each movement a few times then do "basics" for a number of counts then onto the next movement, "basics", etc. You go through this chain of all movements 3 times with Sarina cueing and encouraging you all the way.

Finally, you end with a short cool-down/stretch.

I really liked the following about this video: the setting, the colorful workout gear of the class, the music, and the choice of movements (some movements were the same as volume one with a few style changes but many were different). I also liked Sarina's personality.

Things that could have been better: I did not like how Sarina taught all the moves at the beginning instead of breaking them into combos and reviewing them as she did in volume one. I did not like the quality of her amplified voice in this DVD. She sounded better in volumes 1 and 3. (I know...picky, picky) I was not able to really break a sweat in this one because she always stuck "basics" in-between every move. Finally, she cued a "squat" that was done in the most knee busting way I've seen in a video (think Russian dancer but with different upper body). In all fairness, she did say this was optional but still....

This workout was OK. I would give it a C+. It was the least of my favorites in the series.

Instructor comments: Sarina is very upbeat and fun. If you are allergic to the words "hup" and "awesome" beware.

Barb Price

December 18, 2003

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