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Masala Bhangra Dance for Kids

Sarina Jain

This is a HIGH-impact workout with lots of jumping. A few moves could be made lower impact but not most. The music is Indian sounding, of course. Sarina is flanked by 4 kids, two boys and two girls. All have scraves they use during the workout. The walls are white with two blue curtains and a gold wall hanging. The floor is also white.

The workout starts with a warmup, using shoulder moves. She then goes into the basic step with is a heel tap to the front with arms. She moves onto the "Bhangra Slide." Next is the "Bhangra Walk." She then repeats moves.

There are two cardio portions. Most of the time there are words to match the move that appear at the beginning of the move in the lower right corner.

In the first portion she teaches the Bhangra Slide done in warmup. She then teaches the "Dhol Beat", & year old's favorite, which is like hitting a drum with arms and one leg. Next come the "Power Bhangra" move, which is a double jump front and back.

The second cardio starts with teaching the "Chicken Arms" move, a move liked by my daughter. Next comes the "Hareepa" a jump to the side several times. After that the "Bhangra Jump." The Bhangra Jump is jumping to the side with arms. Bollywood Groove is a frontal jump that is next. During both cardio sections previous moves show up, especially the Basic.

The workout ends with a cooldown using steps learned earlier in the workout. They also stretch.

There is a special features option with things like a Discussion group, Behind the Scenes, and a talk with a doctor.

My girls reach for this one often. Due to the high impact, though, I don't think it would be a good first DVD for a child who hasn't exercised much before.

Instructor comments: Sarina breaks things down quite well for kids. She is big into counting, "5, 6, 7, 8", which may annoy some kids and/or parents. My 7 year old says Sarina is "too loud." Sarina wears a blue outfit, shirt and long pants.



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