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iTrain: Tread, Set 9, 60 minutes

Grace Lazenby

Well after doing this one a couple of times I finally feel capable of posting a review. ;) My one disclaimer is that this is my first itread (not counting itri-training) so I don't really have a comparison factor to other itreads.

The main focus of this workout is mileage. Grace sets out your goals early in the workout: walkers - 4 miles, joggers - 6 miles, runners - 7 miles. She says there are no hills above 2%, actually there is one short 3% grade at the end. ;)

So the workout is set up in four phases. Phase one and two are set up in a similar fashion. After a warm up Grace has you go to a 2% hill for a few minutes. From there she has you 0 out and increase your speed. After a few minutes at this pace she has you slow down for a recovery/water break that lasts 60 seconds. From there you proceed to a 2 minute sprint. In phase 2 the 2 minute sprint becomes a 4 minute sprint, the first 2 minutes being at a faster pace and then the last at a slightly slower pace.

From this point on I'm a little vague about the workout (probably from fatigue LOL). When you finish phase 2 she brings you down to a fast recovery pace. You stay here for a few minutes and I think she gradually increases the pace. I do know that the music is great in this section and it really did a lot to perk me back up. I'm a little unsure on the order of this but I think from here she takes you up to a 2% grade for awhile and then you do your sprint at the 2% grade. Yowza.

Phase 4, frankly I have no idea other than it follows the same general pattern and she has you do a 3% hill. I also know that she really has you push your speed at the end to up your miles.

So, great workout. A lot of the music is recycled from itri, but they were all songs that I really liked so I guess that is a plus for me.

The treadmill is a bit of a torture device for me, but I did do this workout on the elliptical and it worked fairly well. I think as I do the workout more and come up with my own levels it will work great.

Instructor comments: Grace Lazenby is a very enthusiastic instructor who I find very motivating. Grace talks a lot so if that bothers you, you might want to steer clear.


August 14, 2006

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