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iTrain: iTread, Set 2, 40 minutes

Grace Lazenby

Warmup: 4 min. "Find your intention for doing/completing the workout."

I'm giving you my speeds that I used as a walker/jogger. Your mileage may vary up or down if you choose to walk or run.

Phase 1:
5% hill for 2 min. at 4.0 mph then flat surface for 2 min. at 5.0 mph.
(do this 3 times)

Phase 2:
9% hill for 2 min. at 3.5 mph then
5% hill for 4.0 mph. for 2 min.

Phase 3:
1% incline for 2 min. at 4.0 mph. then 2 min. of a fast sprint at 6.0 mph.
Do the above 2 times.

The final song is so motivational because the whole time you are super sprinting, Grace is encouraging you sooo much by saying things like "You are hitting the finish line. You are so
strong. Your body is going to change. Everytime you do an iTread workout your body is getting leaner. You can do it. I'm here for you."

Cooldown starts around 36:00 min. mark.

I would say this workout has more jogging/running that some of the other iTreads I've done. It's a nice change to have a variety of cardio workouts from iTrain.

Loved this workout.

Instructor comments: Very motivating, gives very clear expectations of what she wants you to do in this workout. At the beginning of each of her workouts, she gives you something to focus on when the going gets tough and you want to quit.

Lesia English

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