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iTrain: Tread Outdoors, Set 10, 60 minutes

Grace Lazenby

This is a great iTread. If you frequently run/jog/walk outside, this one is worth having in your collection. The first half hour is lighter intensity intervals. The second half hour is also intervals, but it seems that the last 20 minutes are at a higher intensity.

For an outdoor workout, this is much more enjoyable and appropriate than the iTreads designed for treadmills. The music is good. It's pleasant to listen to the songs, but none of them are so memorable that you get bored with the workout if you do it frequently. I use this one often since there are only 2 iTreads that are designed for outdoor workouts. If there were more iTread Outdoors, I would have continued my iTrain membership.

Grace is encouraging and professional. She does whoop once, but that doesn't bother me. I mention it because some people find whooping annoying. She gives good directions. If your mind wanders for a minute, she draws you back into the workout.

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February 2007

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