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iTrain: iTread, Set 1, 60 minutes

Grace Lazenby

ITread 1 60 min. workout is in 4 phases.
Phase 1 is warmup and small hills

Phase 2 is set up with intervals and recovery

These two phases make up the first 30 minutes of the workout. You could stop it after the intervals and do steady state on your own.

Phase 3 is set up with 2 sprints followed by a 3 min. 10% hill.

Phase 4 is set up with the last 2 sprints and finishes with a steady "run" (5.0 and above) for 5 minutes.

Cooldown/stretches finish the workout.

Of all the iTreads, I loved this one the best because imho I believe it's well laid out. The first 30 minutes (Phase 1&2) were a piece of cake but when I got to Phase 3&4, Grace says, "This is where your body starts to lean out and really burn that fat." The time flew primarily because of how the workout is planned out.

The amazing thing about these workouts is it seems there's a lot of thought put into these workouts.
Grace knows just when to push you and when to recover.

Overall Grade A workout

Instructor comments: Grace is motivating on the iTread workouts. Some find her "over the top" but I like the enthusiasm and "Let's Go!" comments. I need this type of motivation to get me through those tough intervals, sprints and hills!

Lesia English

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