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iSCULPT Ballet, Set 7, 45 minutes

Grace Lazenby

This is a standard iSculpt Ballet offering. Grace is her usual, encouraging self.

I found some of the Ballet section especially difficult to follow. It seemed that the instruction on how to do a Develope, Attitude and Battement was missing. I know those movements, but it was still more difficult to follow than other iSculpt Ballets. The Pilates section is a nice ab workout. Nothing special but it's always nice to have a Hanging Leg lift.

The final floor work is a buttock killer. Oh my. The Side Lying Lift circles are brutal. The seated inner thigh lift is a good too.

Overall a good workout, but probably not my favorite because I had to fumble and figure out the moves. Definitely download the visual instructions for this one.

Instructor comments:


February 2007

iBallet 7 (50 minutes) ♥♥♥

Barre work (20:00)
▪ Plié 1st position / Plié with side stretch
▪ Small plié 1st position in relevé with ball between knees / press knees on the ball
▪ Quad stretch
▪ Plié 2nd position (no barre)
▪ Développé and attitude : Développé side and attitude back / Double up at faster tempo
▪ Grands battements and lunge: Front and side

Core work (10:14)
▪ Neck pull / Hanging leg lift (using barre)
▪ Slide, lift, pulse
▪ Teaser
▪ Criss cross (bicycle)

Floor work (15:09)
▪ Seated arabesque (straight leg)
▪ Seated attitude (pretzel)
▪ Side lying leg lift with bent knee / circles
▪ Side lying leg lift with straight leg / circles
▪ Seated inner thigh lift
▪ Pelvic tucks with feet in 1st position and toes up (1½ min)

Stretch (4:15)
▪ Double pigeon
▪ Butterfly
▪ Forward bend

▪ Good music with a strong beat.
▪ Awesome workout! Well-balanced combination of dynamic, large range of movement and precise isometric work. I love the développé/attitude combo and the grands battements. The core work is fun – this is one of the rare iballet that does not have abs isolation (yay!). The floor work really gets into the hips (abductors and medial glutes) but the pelvic tuck section is too short to hit the glutes.

Instructor comments:

Fuzzie (copied from everything iBallet thread)

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