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iTrain: iSculpt Traditional, Set 2

Grace Lazenby

iSculpt 2 (59 minutes)

Standing work (28:49) ♥♥♥
▪ Alt. front lunges / Static lunges (3:30)
▪ Small plié 1st position in relevé with ball between knees / press knees on the ball (2:00)
▪ Alt. front lunges
▪ Alt. front lunges with arm front raise and row back, palms facing each other [I prefer to do a dip here]
▪ 2nd position plié with overhead press (arms in circle)
▪ 2nd position plié with alt. front punches / Push ups x 12 (Repeat)
▪ Hip extension with knee bent and foot flexed / Arabesque press with toes pointed
▪ Standing oblique work

Core work (12:01) ♥♥
▪ Isolation with one leg extended (3:30)
▪ Sweeps: From sitting position, bend chest over legs and reach forward, sit up and reach up, then open arms out to the side and down
▪ Double crunch
▪ Oblique lifts / Seated side stretch

Floor work (12:45) ♥♥♥
▪ Leg abduction with top leg extended 90 degrees in front
▪ Leg abduction with knee bent
▪ Straight leg abduction with legs at 45 degrees
▪ External rotation at the hip
▪ Straight leg abduction with legs at 45 degrees

Stretch (6:04) ♥♥♥
▪ Resting pigeon
▪ Spinal twist
▪ Seated bound angle pose

▪ The standing work is all lower body up to 7:30 minutes.
▪ Great music on the core work
▪ Tough floor work (over 5 minutes of leg lifts variations on each side!)
▪ Super relaxing stretch. Feels great in the hips and lower back.

Instructor comments:

Fuzzie (copied from everything iBallet thread)

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