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iCycle, Set 12, 40 minutes

Keith Irace

Preface: I have been using iCycles for about 3 weeks. I love the fact that they are equipment specific and you can pedal with the beat. It really takes all the thinking out. If you cannot keep up you drop your resistance otherwise you crank it up. I use the Revmaster but you can use any kind of stationary bike with this (or any) iCycle. I average about 6.7 miles and burn approx 390 calories using this set on the Revmaster.

If you love to climb then this is your iCycle. With the exception of a couple short sprints, you are climbing. There is not a lot of downtime in this workout. You just keep going. (That seems consistent with all the other iCycles I have used.) The music is good. From hip hop to rock with light acoustics (with and without vocals) interspersed.

Warm up: tempo around 62 RPMs. Level 2-3.
4:00 tap up the resistance

4:30 New song (hip hop style) – tempo drops to upper 40 RPMs - Seated climb – tap up resistance.
6:00 – tap up resistance – should be around level 5

9:00 New song (mellow faster tempo) - RPMs increase to around 60
Okay to stand on this climb
10:00 tap up resistance – should be about level 7

14:00 new song (light rock/electro styled). Take resistance down to 3 or 4 to recover from previous climb then get ready to sprint.
15:00 start sprint. RPMs increase to low 70s
16:30 tap up resistance

19:00 new song (more mellow vocal styled). Tap up resistance – now you are at a jogging tempo – around 60 RPMs. Can do this in or out of saddle.

At this point Keith says: This workout will not be forever. It will be shorter than forever! It just cracks me up every time.

23:00 same tempo – if you are standing – sit down.

24:00 New song with quicker tempo (techno/acoustic style) - Tap down resistance and pick up speed – around 80 RPMs. Keith says this is the time where you can really go all out with the speed if you want.
28:00 tap up resistance
29:30 start to slow down wheel and recover some

30:00 new song (mellow). Last climbing segment. RPMs low 60’s. Tap up resistance a couple times.
31:00 tap up resistance one more level (up to level 7)
32:00 tap up resistance one more level

33:00 New song (rock – good song) quick climb – Should be at level 8 - RPMs upper 70’s
34:00 Peel back resistance and pick up speed until the end

37:00 slow down to start cool down RPMs around 50

Instructor comments: Keith is very motivating but does not talk so much that he is irritating. I really like his style on this iCycle and others that I have done.

Kim Sleeth


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