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iTrain: iClimb Jumpin Rippin Abs - Set 24

Keith Irace

This is an audio workout that clocks in at just over 50 minutes. The first 30 minutes alternates between cardio segments utilizing an elliptical/stair climber and a jump rope. I’ve recently bought a jump rope and have been looking for jumping workouts to add to my collection, and this one fits that niche nicely. The workout starts on the elliptical, and each interval here moves between slower paced hills and faster sprints (typical iCLIMB stuff). The jump rope intervals were short and sweet – the first two were about 60 seconds each. The last jump rope segment was a toughie: Three, 60-90 second jump rope intervals with 30 second breaks in between, during which Keith instructs you to march in place. My heart rate was sky high in this section! The cardio portion ends with a final song on the elliptical with the last few minutes focused on lowering your heart rate before moving to the floor for abs.

The abs/stretch section is about 23 minutes long. The ab work included fairly traditional exercises like crunches, leg lifts, and bicycles. Keith doesn’t really count out the reps here – you pretty much work at your own pace, which I liked.

The final stretch focuses mainly on the hamstrings and calves, and the stretches are held for a decent length of time. These felt great after those tough jump rope intervals; though I do wish there would have been a few more stretches for other areas of the lower body (I added my own for the quads & hips).

Music – a good driving beat throughout, some vocals. I recognized a few of the songs from other iTRAIN workouts.

Overall, I really enjoyed this workout. Alternating the elliptical with jump rope made the time fly by, and I felt like I got a pretty thorough ab workout too. I’ll definitely be keeping this one in my rotation!

Instructor comments: I like Keith - he provides good form pointers, comes across as supportive, and isn't too chatty.

Corie (booklover)

Aug 24 2008

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