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iTrain: iClimb, Set 2, 40 minutes

Keith Irace

iClimb 2 the 40 minute workout with Keith is an interval hill workout timed to different songs. What I mean is one song is slow tempo on steep hills (8-10%) while the next song you dial down to 4% and go at a faster rate. You do this I believe 4 times. *For reference I used 3.0 for the steep hill songs and 4.0 for the faster tempo songs. Those slow tempo songs are meant to really let you dig into those legs and work it.
The faster tempo songs are meant to let you stretch out those legs with a longer stride.

Keith then has you stay at 4% and regular tempo and inserts "double time" I used 3.5 for regular tempo and 4 mph for double time.

For the final phase you stay at 4% with a quicker tempo (I used 4mph) and stay there for around 5 min.

The last work song comes on at about 35 min. and with each minute, Keith has you bump up the resistance to 5.0, then another minute to 6.0. Keith even tells you that here is where you get the real results. He is encouraging you by saying "You want to change your body? This is how you shock it and push through to the next level." Nice selection of music for this song. It made me feel I could do anything after this workout.

Finally Keith takes you into a cooldown.

This is currently my favorite iClimb.

Instructor comments: Keith is superb in this workout. He is so good at getting the exerciser to visualize the hills and "get to that place where your body sticks and push through that wall" He's very motivating while not being too talkative.

Lesia English

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