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iTrain: iClimb, Set 2, 20 minutes

Keith Irace

I will use the speeds that I used for the workout. You can always bump it up or down.
*I used my treadmill for this iClimb. It worked very well.

Warmup ~3 min.
I used incline 3.0 at 3.0 mph

Incline 3% at 3.5
Then with each minute you bump up the incline another %. Next Keith has you bump it to 8% for about 2 min. While you are at the higher inclines he wants you to dig in and use those legs. I bumped my speed back to 3.0 for the upper inclines. For the 4% inclines I bumped it up to 4 mph because he wants you to go quicker. You definitely get an interval effect here.

So there are two cycles of 4% at 4mph paired with 8% at 3mph.

You then bring it to 4% for a basic steady state effect for ~4 min? I used 3.5 mph.

For the cooldown, you tells you to
bring it to an incline that is comfortable for you and let's cooldown.

This workout wasn't as intense as others but I added 20 min. of steady state cardio to it and it fit the bill.

Instructor comments: Keith has a nice voice and is very motivating and encouraging when the going gets tough.

Lesia English

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