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iTrain: iClimb, Set 1 (audio)

Keith Irace

IClimb 1
Don't like the warmup song at all. A rap song, doesn't sound good to me.

After 5 minute warmup, go to perceived level 5.

Ride the rhythm. Music has no words yet, but is likeable and good for the purpose. Up to 6 after about 1.5 minutes. Same pace. After another minute, up to 7. Same pace.

At 9:40, go down to 4.

Speed. Song has words, faster tempo. Not as good as last song. Voice of the man is weak and annoys me. Add intensity without breaking speed. Add it again.

"Reason for leavin"

At 15:02, go double time until the end of the song.

At 16:00, go up to 9. Muscle resistance. New song. Instrumental, nicely paced. Done at 20:50 Down to 7.

21:00 - new song. At 7. Song is nice. Has words and a 'U2esque' flavor to it. Nice to listen to.
Strong legs. Bump up to 8 at 23

25:23. Go down to 3. New song. Fast techno beat. I like the song. Very motivating. Really racing to a finish line.
Go to 4. THen after a while, go to 5. Keep pace.

30:38 - Female vocal singing. Resistance is 4. Nice enough song. Madonnaesque. Go into double time for 1/2 minute and then back to tempo. 32:50, double time again 34:30 double time again Each double itme seems to last 30 seconds.

Cooldown. Nice wordless music.

Instructor comments: Very nice manner and speaking voice.


Warmup consisted of 3-4 min. of "getting use to the rhythm of the music."

1st phase includes inclines of 4% gradually increase 1% every 3-4 min. At the peak of the hill you are at 9%. Just when you are ready to bring it down, Keith says, "Push through that wall, you can do it". I hit my peak at 9.5%!
He then brings you down to 4% and you gradually go back up to 8%.

2nd phase includes speed work. You are on 3% moving from regular tempo (1,2,3,4) to double time. I used 3.5 mph for regular tempo and 4.0 for double time. The music is Bon Jovi like and the rhythm really goes with your pace.

3 phase includes a small hill (4-7%) but it's shorter because he brings you down at the 30 min. mark for speed sprints. These speed sprints are intense! He's got you on a 4% hill and you're doing regular tempo and then for 20 seconds "intervals" you bump it up. I bumped it from 4.0 to 5.0 and actually got into a light run, but it felt so good. Remember these "sprints" are only for 20-30 seconds tops. You do this three times.The music here is Madonna like. At the 36 min. mark, you enter the cooldown.

Keith gives you a nice cooldown by giving you a few things to think about as you slow down. He asks you to think about everything it took to get to this point.

I will definitely download more of iClimb. I like to use iclimb mixed in with iTread.

For my rotation, one week I'll do 3 iTread's of varying length mixed with 2 iClimbs. The following week, I'll do 3 iClimbs with 2 iTrains.


Excellent intense workout

Instructor comments: Keith has a very motivating, well modulated voice. Throughout the hills/tough parts, he gets you to visualize your "finish line" and encourages you to "push through that wall of resistance. You are stronger than you know. He makes me think he's right there beside me helping me reach my fitness goals.

Lesia English

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