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iTrain: Sculpt Ballet Stretch, Set 9, 15 minutes

Grace Lazenby

I just had to review this short iBallet because it is wonderful! It clocks in at just under 15 min. and it is a perfect post-cardio workout. You begin lying on your back and do:

Dynamic Hamstring Stretch - one leg flat on the ground or bent at knee with sole of foot on the floor (your choice) and the other leg straight and pointed up toward the ceiling - alternate bending and straightening the knee.

Dynamic Foot/Calf Stretch - in the same position with one leg straight and pointing toward the ceiling, flex and point your foot.(Totally awesome - builds calf strength and enhances calf/foot movement and flexibility.)

Active Hamstring Stretch - keeping one leg straight and pointed up, pull toward your body with hands on back of thigh - use hands to push leg toward your body while you use your leg to push against the hand.

Static Hamstring Stretch - relax with leg still pointing straight and up and pull leg toward your body and hold.

You then do another active hamstring stretch followed by another static hamstring stretch and then swith and do other leg.

Single Pigeon - Grace gives you the option of remaining on your back and doing a reclining pigeon or coming up to do a standard single pigeon. Once on each leg.

Wide Angle Stretch - seated, legs wide apart in a "v" position, stretch forward, stretch to the right, stretch to the left, then stretch forward again. Grace says inner thighs are often neglected and since they support the knee, it is important to keep them stretched and flexible.

Lying Spinal Twist - Once to the right, once to the left. My only complaint is Grace only holds these for a few seconds, and it's my favorite part!

Relaxation - Savasans for 40 seconds or so.

Like I said, great post cardio. I bike for cardio, so I appreciate the lower body emphasis. I also have PF, so the foot/calf stretching and strengthening is so nice for me. Grace says are feet are encased in shoes so much of the time that we don't always keep them active enough so they get weak and stiff. The short calf/foot section is great for activating and energizing those areas.

Instructor comments: Grace is the best! She is motivating and encourging, but she won't baby you either!


September 5, 2006

iBallet 9: Ballet Stretch (15 minutes) ♥♥

Stretch (lying on floor)
▪ Hamstring stretch: bend and extend leg, point and flex the foot, resist against hands and release.
▪ Single pigeon
▪ Seated inner thigh stretch and side stretch
▪ Lying spinal twist

▪ Very nice, relaxing stretch that combines dynamic and static work. Focus on the hamstrings and hips.

fuzzie (copied from everything iBallet thread)

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