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iTrain: iSculpt Ballet, Set 24

Grace Lazenby

iBallet 24 (55 minutes)

Barre work (23:04)
▪ Plié 2nd position / add side stretch
▪ Jumps in 2nd position from 1st position parallel
▪ Repeat plié 2nd position and jumps 2nd position
▪ Small plié 1st position in relevé with pelvic tuck and ball between knees / Press knees on the ball / Repeat for 2 more sets (4 minutes)
▪ Runner’s stretch
▪ Sweep leg forward and back with a pulse (grand battement)
▪ Skater (rond de jambe in the air)
▪ Hips stretch
▪ Standing oblique twist with a towel between the hands and legs in 2nd position plié
▪ Plié in first position relevé with a side stretch

Core work (13:34)
▪ Isolation work (small presses) with legs extended 90 degrees and feet in first position, holding a hand towel behind the legs (2 minutes)
▪ Bring towel behind the head and legs bent 90 degrees. Keep shoulders off the floor and walk the legs (2 minutes)
▪ Half roll up with the ball (1 minute)
▪ Oblique twist with the ball (2 minutes)
▪ V-sit with ball between the inner thighs, squeezing knees in (1½ minutes)
▪ Rollover and teaser with ball between the ankles (2½ minutes)
▪ Oblique lift with ball between the ankles (2½ minutes)

Floor work (12:28)
▪ Seated attitude variations: (1) Place big toe of the working leg on a towel behind you and externally rotate the hip; (2) Adduct the leg so that the towel slides across the floor behind you towards the other hip; (3) Lift toe off the towel and pulse the leg up; (4) Adduct the leg, wrapping towards the other hip
▪ Lie on side with legs bent 90 degrees in front: (1) Leg abduction; (2) Small presses up; (3) Circle leg up and around, then circle in other direction; (4) Leg adduction 45 degrees.
▪ Repeat everything on the other side
▪ Hips stretch

Stretch (5:45)
▪ Double pigeon
▪ Forward bend with legs in V

▪ Barre work: Not crazy about the first 5 minutes (jumps) and some of the music (techno country?). Nice, long set of plies with the ball – Grace even teases us about how she always lies regarding how many reps are left
▪ Floor work: Interesting variations on the pretzel. However, the work is a little uneven - 6 minutes on the first side and 4 1/2 minutes on the other leg.

Instructor comments:

Fuzzie (copied from everything iBallet thread)

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