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iTrain: iSculpt Ballet Pilates Ring, Set 16, 45 Minutes

Grace Lazenby

iBallet 16: Magic Circle (60 minutes) ♥♥♥

Barre work (21:20)
▪ Plié 2nd position / with side stretch / hold down and pull ribs side-to-side
▪ Small plié 1st position in relevé with ball between knees / Press knees on the ball
▪ High lunge stretch
▪ Sweeps with the magic circle between hands: Plié 2nd position, sweep opposite leg across and pump circle
▪ Hold plié in 2nd position and arms in front, then pump circle with hands
▪ Kick front (bring arms forward), 3 steps to change side (bring arms overhead)
▪ Chair pose and pump the circle
▪ Obliques: Feet in 2nd position plié with hands of magic circle, reach down one side and pump, then sweep up to the other side
▪ Pumps with towel: Feet in 2nd position plié with towels between hands, twist the body side and exhale as you pump twice, then switch to other side
▪ Tricep stretch with towel

Core work (11:19)
▪ Kick lift pulse with magic circle in hands
▪ Ball lifts with magic circle between ankles / pulse circle between legs
▪ Double knee stretch with magic circle in hands / hold shoulders isometrically
▪ Rollover and teaser with magic circle between ankles
▪ Seated obliques: Side twist, pumping the magic circle between the hands

Floor work (9:41)
▪ Pelvic tucks with feet on floor 1st position heels up and magic circle between inner thighs / press thighs on circle (5 min)
▪ Outer thigh with band / Inner thigh with magic circle between knees

Stretch (8:33)
▪ Lie on back with feet together and knees open. Place towel over the face and relax the body (5 min)
▪ Spinal twist
▪ Seated forward bend with one leg straight and the other bent

▪ Good music: Begins with a couple of songs that are kind of cool and quiet but still has a nice beat, then moves into more of tribal rhythm and dance music
▪ Nice plié series in 2nd position to warmup (4min) followed by TOUGH plié work with the ball (4 min).
▪ Challenging core work and short but well-balanced floor work (with emphasis on inner thighs).
▪ The stretch is more of a guided relaxation.

Instructor comments:

Fuzzie (copied from everything iBallet thread)

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