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iTrain: iSculpt Ballet, Set 15, 45 Minutes

Grace Lazenby

iBallet 15 (45 minutes) ♥♥

Barre work (13:56)
▪ Plié 1st position in relevé / with side stretch / hold plié down, pelvic tuck and release [note: this is only done on one side so you need to adjust to do side stretches on both sides – there are 8 total]
▪ Small plié 1st position in relevé with ball between knees / Press knees on the ball
▪ High lunge stretch
▪ Standing sweeps: Grand battement front (toes pointed) and arabesque back (foot flexed) / Hold arabesque and pulse with toes pointed
▪ Standing forward bend

Core work (9:30)
▪ Isolation / Roll ups / Teaser
▪ Reverse plank
▪ Seated rows with a towel between the hands / Seated spinal twists and pulse

Floor work (14:12)
▪ Side leg lift with body at 45º (on elbow and knee)
▪ Seated attitude [note: the tempo is different on the 2nd side]
▪ Side lying leg lift with knees bent 90º / small pulses / leg circles
▪ Side lying leg lift with leg extended / leg circles

Stretch (7:13)
▪ Lie on back with feet together and knees open
▪ Spinal stretch
▪ Hamstring stretch
▪ Resting pigeon

▪ This is a straightforward workout that gets the job done with no dread factor.
▪ Very nice, long and thorough stretch

Instructor comments:

Fuzzie (copied from everything iBallet thread)

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