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iTrain: iSculpt Ballet, Set 12, 45 Minutes

Grace Lazenby

iBallet 12 (51 minutes) ♥♥

Barre work (20:30)
▪ Feet parallel in relevé: Press heels down and up / Small plié pressing down / Tap knees in / Pelvic tuck and release / Pelvic tuck and tap knees in (5min)
▪ Quad stretch
▪ Plié with inner thigh lift: Start in 1st position, plié 2nd position, slide into 1st position, kick front
▪ Small plié feet parallel in relevé with ball between knees / Press knees on the ball (2½ min)
▪ High lunge stretch
▪ Brushes with rotation: Tendu front x7 and rond de jambe on the floor / Petit battement front, side, back and side
▪ Outer thigh lift: Standing leg abduction pulses / Arabesque

Core work (16:12)
▪ Isolations (5 min)
▪ Rowing with towel between the hands / Oblique ball reaches (4 min)
▪ Roll ups
▪ Walks with back on the wall (4 min)
▪ Bridge pose

Floor work (9:57)
▪ Pelvic tucks with heels on floor and toes up, legs together: Pressing down single time / Press down double time / Alt. squeezing up right and left
▪ Pelvic tucks with feet on the wall, heels tog in 1st position, toes up and ball between the thighs: Hold static contraction / Press down / Press knees in and press down

Stretch (4:50)
▪ Hamstring stretch on the wall
▪ Lie on back with feet together and knees open
▪ Spinal stretch
▪ Forward bend moving the hips forward and back

▪ This workout has the toughest and longest Lotte Berk plié series. However, it begins right away with challenging isometric work and I find I need to warmup the legs before.
▪ I don’t like the core work at all. The isolation work is overkill and then the oblique work is all twisting. The “walk” move on the wall is awkward for me (would probably work better holding on to a barre overhead).
▪ I LOVE the floor work – the music is awesome!

Instructor comments:

Fuzzie (copied from everything iBallet thread)

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