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iTrain: iSculpt Ballet, Set 11, 45 Minutes

Grace Lazenby

iBallet 11 (52 minutes) ♥♥♥

Barre work (21:47)
▪ Standing forward bend with feet hips-width apart / Shift hips side-to-side / Bend knees and extend / Feet in 1st position, bend knees and extend
▪ Plié 1st position
▪ Plié 2nd position / with side stretch
▪ Small plié feet parallel in relevé with ball between knees / Press knees on the ball / Pelvic tuck and release
▪ Crescent pose: Bend knee and extend / Bring hands to floor and stretch
▪ From passé position: Développé front x2, développé side x2, attitude press back x4
▪ Attitude in the air (leaning 90º over barre): Small presses / Lift, adduct, back and lower
▪ Plié 1st position in relevé

Core work (12:48)
▪ Kick lift pulse: Kick leg up, pulse shoulders up, hold and lower
▪ Neutral bicycle
▪ Teaser / Isolations
▪ Reverse plank
▪ Oblique lifts (lying on side with ball between ankles: lift legs) / Mermaid stretch
▪ Superman

Floor work (13:14)
▪ Side lying series with knees bent 90º: Lift top leg, extend leg to front, lower leg and lift x2, bend leg and lower / Leg lift and pulses/ Tap knee front and toes back / Leg lift pulses / Straight leg lift / Rotate hips out and in / Bend knee and touch down in front, extend leg and press up 45º
▪ Inner thigh: Lie on back with legs extended out in V, adduct legs and open

Stretch (4:52)
▪ Lie on back with feet together and knees open
▪ Spinal stretch

▪ I like that this workout starts with an active stretch – it feels really good – and I LOVE the standing work.
▪ This is probably the toughest side series… the abductors and medial glutes are burning!
▪ Overall a wonderful, challenging but enjoyable workout.

Instructor comments:

Fuzzie (copied from everything iBallet thread)

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