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Marcus Irwin

One of Marcus's new workouts, it's standard vintage Marcus, with the exception that he actually TIFTTs. You learn three combinations and at the end do them all together. He and two women work out in the typically dark noirish Evolution-type setting, on what looked to me like an unfinished floor of an unfinished house. I guess they were going for some raw industrial-type look. ;)

I can't remember the breakdowns exactly, I just recall that there are a whole lot of mambo chachachas (and a "tango" which is like a pair of mambos in different directions. Stomps galore and a few straddles, not a whole lot of "power" moves. But the way he combines the moves is, as always, fun. I can't really remember anything about the music, so I guess it was your standard-issue instrumental aerobic music with a good beat.

Instructor comments: The same as ever--funny, wry, competent and cute. Those already in love with his previous step workouts will find little different here. If you wanted less breakdown of moves, however, you won't find it here. As always, he starts off with very basic moves that he builds on (while having you perform the same basic moves for a bit longer while he shows you the advanced version). This style keeps the workout high-intermediate as opposed to advanced, though the run-throughs themselves are pretty sweat-inducing.



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