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Groove Funk

Marcus Irwin

This is part of Marcus' second choreography series. In this tape he presents more funky moves and combos. It is 40 minutes of combos, without a warm-up or cooldown. There are 2 sections. The first had 9 combos and was 17 minutes. Many of the combos were actually just 8 counts, really broken down so you could understand the moves. The second section had much longer combos and was generally more fun.

This is the only choreography tape of his that I found hard to use as a regular workout. This was partly because the intensity is pretty low (even lower than normal for Marcus) because of the breakdown of teaching the moves. The other factor is that he really didn't balance the moves on both sides. Normally Marcus is pretty good about this, but here he mostly taught everything on the right leg and then moved on.

I am not a big fan of funky workouts, because I have trouble doing the moves and I usually end up frustrated and can never get my heart rate up. With Marcus' instruction though I got most of the moves and I found them to be a lot of fun. I usually pass on this type of workout, but if Marcus were to release another one, I would probably give it a try, but I would hope that he would put together a more balanced workout with complete combos, especially if he used moves he broke down in this tape.

Lisa C.


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