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Extreme Xtrain

Marcus Irwin

Even though this video is from Marcusí Choreography 2 Go series, it has pretty good production quality. The set is very plain, all white - white floor, white wall in back - except for two Choreography 2 Go posters hanging in the back. The camera work and sound quality are fine, maybe not as good as Cathe or Firm but certainly acceptable. There is no problem with the lighting. The sound track is great! This video is copyright 2001, which seems to be the best year for production values for the Marcus videos Iíve seen.

The video is in regular workout format: 7 min hi-lo warmup, 14 more min of hi-lo, 24 min of step, 14 min of abs, and 4 min stretch; total 63min. He addresses his remarks to instructors. He teaches all separate combos with no TIFFT. The choreography is athletic rather than dancy - lots of squat and lunge segments (during which Marcus complains about how much pain he is in). This would be a good one for anyone who wants to try Marcus, but was turned off by the bad production quality, or was afraid of the complex choreography.

Instructor comments: Marcus is charming as usual. He does a lot of joking around with the two background exercisers, who are both women this time.

Pam L


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