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Choreography 2 Go: Step By The Numbers

Marcus Irwin

Anything by Marcus Irwin automatically gets my seal of approval :) and this step tape is no exception. First off, it has really poor sound quality. The picture quality is better, but not too good when you compare it to The Firm, Karen Voight, etc. So if these things bother you, don't get this tape. I would normally be turned off by the production, but the workout is just too good. This is a step workout a little over an hour in length. There is no warmup or cooldown. The choreography is divided into sections which increase in complexity, and Marcus teaches them amazingly well. I can't think of anyone else who approaches him in his ability to both create great choreography AND teach it.

The intensity ranges from intermediate to advanced, with most of it being higher-intermediate/lower-advanced. That's okay, since the workout is over an hour. The time flies by, too. Each pattern is taught once, and not repeated -- so once you're done with a routine, you move on to another. There are 23 blocks of choreography, and the time spent on each varies depending on the complexity (the more complex ones take longer to teach).

Grade A (it would be an A+ if the production was better).

Annie S.

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