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Aerobic Engineering

I like this video! This is a high/low workout in the Great Moves series. Marcus Irwin is extremely good with choreography, plus he's good at teaching it. This isn't the most intense workout I'll ever do, but it's perfect for doing before weight training or just on short days (it's about 40 minutes total).

Marcus' choreography, both in this tape and his step tape, is a lot of fun and very interesting, too. In this one, he does tend to have you do too many lower-intensity moves while he's demonstrating new moves, but now that I've learned the choreography, I just do the new moves along with him. That helps keep the intensity up. Also, if you do high-impact, that keeps the intensity up, too. He doesn't usually show the high-impact version, but I just do it that way on my own.

Marcus includes a stretch at the end (about 4-5 minutes), which I appreciate. The other Great Moves tape don't have stretches.

If you're looking for a fun, moderate-intensity tape with a dynamic instructor, this is a good one. Grade A.

Instructor comments: I think Marcus is just great. He has true "star" quality. Very charismatic and likeable.

Annie S.

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