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The three videos I mentioned are successive videos and I can see results in Kathy and her Mom, who is in each video also. I have found that I am working up from a very beginner level to moderate and now this winter I will begin her Sports fitness video. I purchased it and have only watched it so far.

I like the rhythm and speed in which she teaches and I have found that it is great to begin my day with her. I open my eyes at 5am and hit the floor running so that I don't change my mind and turn over and say forget it.

Thanks to Kathy, I can exercise in the winter. I love the outdoors but South Dakota this winter is pretty harsh and unpredictable so I rely on this way of exercise for now. When I get bored, I use Ali McGraw Yoga tape, or Richard Simmons, or Aerobic 2000. But when I am half asleep and want to do it on auto, I do Kathy. I can break a sweat, push myself to good heart rate and feel it afterwards.


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