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Comments about Kathy Ireland

[Her] voice is annoying.

Tonya Bednarick

I find Kathy Ireland to be deliberate and easy to learn from She takes time and is clear when she gives instructions.


Kathy Ireland is a certified fitness instructor, and it really shows in these workouts. The form, cueing and instructions are consistent and clear. She is at ease and confident, and has good rapport with the other exercisers. I was totally shocked at just how good she is. This is a tape I could do over and over again. She is totally pleasant, professional and helpful. The outfits are practical and attractive, but don't call attention to themselves or her body. She is just great, and she does it all on her own, without a well-known fitness guru leading the class while she lends her star appeal. A little too cute, and earnest, you will love her or hate her. But Kathy gets points for doing the job herself rather than follow along with a fitness guru, and she constantly guides you to good form.P> Anne Berk

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