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Healthquest Step

This is a Shaped 2 Fit video, and as with all their other tapes, the picture quality is poor. One good thing about this tape, though, is that they don't move the camera all over the place. I have some of the S2F videos where they are constantly moving it around, and, believe me, that is frustrating!

Healthquest Step is a 2-hour step tape, divided into segments of approximately 15 minutes with a different instructor for each segment. It is filmed at a live convention-type event for instructors, so the choreography is advanced. It is expected that you can just follow along. Well, yes and no. Some routines are easier to follow than others. I don't find the tape interesting enough to keep trying to learn the routines I haven't gotten yet.

One other thing I should note: If you got the San Francisco step tapes and were horrified by the fast (and I mean FAST!) music, this one is much better. This one is about the tempo of a Cathe Friedrich tape.

I rate this one a C-.

Instructor comments: The instructors are "regular" people -- no famous video stars. They're all about average as far as instructors go -- none really stood out either positively or negatively.

Annie S.

I have never done a review before without doing the tape first but this tape I will never do. I flipped out when I saw what it was like. This video is very cheaply produced and it looks like someone is in the back of the room of an aerobics class with his video camera on a tripod taping while the class goes on. The instructor that is teaching is in front and the rest of the class is behind them but they are all in front of a mirror so it looks like you are in the classroom along with them. Seems like every other person messes up while learning the steps and the whole thing is totally confusing, I have never had to learn step like this before. The camera shots are going in all different directions and I don't see how anyone could learn the steps. The workout is taught by about 9 different instructors each teaching for about 15 mintues but since there are so many different combinations, nobody seems to know what they are doing. Sorry this is such a negative review but this is one workout that I will never even give a chance, way too awkward for me. Too many confused people not knowing what they are doing just doesn't interest me.

Instructor comments: There are so many instructors that you can't pick just one to comment on.

Dawn Henson

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