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It's Time to Move, It's Time to Groove

Andre Houle

This is Sara City production that I picked up for $10 on sale at their website. It is the second tape I purchased from them and I like them. The lower production quality does not bother me or the fact that the instructor is working solo. The tape is about an hour long with mostly low impact floor cardio and some core training. I am only reviewing the cardio portion, which I consider to be high intermediate or low advanced. He says in the warm-up that the cardio is 50 minutes but the VCR counter says 35 at the beginning of the cooldown.

This is a very dancy cardio tape. I caught on about 60% of it on this first time through. I think it will get easier each time I do it. He takes basic moves and then adds movement and direction with a little flavor to make it different. There is lots of turns, mambos, pivots, and grapevines. He does not break down alot which I think is good because it keeps the intensity up even while teaching the moves. I like this because that way when I learn the routine better it keeps it advanced for me. There are some sections where he does moves with his back to camera so that you can follow him easier.

The choreography is taught in 4 blocks. The first block is the warm up which has some turns, salsa, and v-steps. He then teaches each additional block going back to the prior one so you can take it from the top. Finally at the fourth block you take it from the top only once.

This is a really good hi/low (mostly low impact) aerobics tape for a great price. The intensity is higher than most other low impact tapes. Sara City has made a fan out of me!!

Instructor comments: This is my first tape with him & I am a little undecided about my opinion. I may try another one. He sure is bubbly.


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