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Step Co. Slide Trainer Video

with Andre Houle
This video (with no box--grrr!)came with my Step Co. slide. It's sort of a cross between a workout video and an adverstisement for the Step Co. slide. At the beginning of the tape is a disclaimer of sorts that says that the slide you see in the video is not the same one you received, since the slide has since been modified due to newer guidelines. The slide used in the video is an 8 foot hard slide, with bumpers that are attached [apparently]with velcro. The slide that I purchased form Collage that accompanied this tape is only 6 feet in length, rolls up, and has locking slots.

The tape starts with a big plug (from the creator of slide training) for the Step Co. slide trainer that seems to be directed at coaches/trainers or fitness instructors. Then Andre Houle gives a brief intro to the tape and starts with a warm-up and stretch. There is no lengthy instructional portion as there is in the Slide Reebok video, Andre just jumps right in.

The first and longest (about 20 minutes) segment is basic sliding with toe touches, knee lifts, etc.. This is followed by a shorter "interval" segment (for which they suggest--after the fact-- that you adjust the length of your board to make it shorter.)with sprints and recovery periods alternated. The next segment uses the board at its full length (8 feet for them, 6 feet for me) for endurance training. Finally, Andre leads a cool down and stretch. Plugs for the board are sprinkled thoughout the tape ("Feel that smooth glide. You don't get that with other boards!")

I am a beginning slider (this was only my 3rd time on the board) and I thought this was an acceptable beginner tape, and more interesting and engaging than the Slide Reebok Basic Training video. Andre cues well and gives form pointers throughout.

Instructor comments: I like Andre. He strikes a balance between motivating and obnoxious.

Renee Drellishak

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