Video Fitness

Sculpting Coach

Andre Houle

This dvd is produced by Sara's City. The production quality is on par with CIA videos. It's a total body strength workout using tubing, dumbbells, a stability ball and a mat. There is a very brief warmup (2 minutes or so), a 48 minute workout and an eight minute stretch. There are 2 male and 2 female backgrounders. The music sounds like a Dynamix version of classic rock. Andre hits every body part but there is not much ab work. Tubing is used for most of the workout, for both upper and lower body. The stability ball is used for hamstrings, abs and back work. Andre starts off each exercise using very slow and controlled movements, then picks up the pace. Lots of emphasis on correct form. Andre's sense of humor really comes through and this is a fun strength workout for those who like to work with tubing. There is a nice, relaxing stretch at the end.

Instructor comments: Andre is very enthusiastic and motivating.


January 1, 2005

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